If you want to improve and enhance your nail art techniques then bring nail stamping plates in your life. It is highly reasonable and has a disc that showcase beautiful and aesthetic designs etched onto it. If you get your hands on this then be ready to sport whimsical and fun portraits on your pretty nails.

As these amazing plates have created havoc in the markets with its varieties ranging from sea creatures and delicious lovely flowers to surprising snowflakes, it will turn out to be a task for you to narrow down your choices in the favor of one. As a matter of fact, you get to see many different nail shapes like oval, stiletto, coffin, square, almond and round which makes us think and analyze the ways we could use nail stamping plates. As for few nail types, it's definitely a little difficult venture. I know it's tough when you fall in love with a certain stamping plate but at the same time it makes you apprehensive thinking if it would suit your nail type or not.

Let us know what shape nail pattern is.

• Square nails
These nail types are just perfect as it's quiet common. From black tie ordeal to casual, you will not be disappointed by square nails. Low maintenance ladies will consider it a practical choice as they come across as excellent canvas for any size stamping plates.
The plate – One can consider any pattern for square nails, from your favorite design to scenic masterpieces, it can admirably handle all.

• Almond nails
This kind of nail is good at manipulating and hence has space for stamping intricate designs. Although its point is not as sharp as stiletto; so one can showcase brilliant designs.
The plate – This beautiful shape requests for more romantic patterns since it is classic and rare. Nail stamping plates that showcase designs of floral beauty will be great.

• Round nails
Round nails again are very common as well as dynamic. They fantastically make short fingers look extended and can be easily maintained at home.
The plates – This super nail can brilliantly showcase bold and bright designs, so do not be afraid to put forward your best nail and smartly give it an edgy look.

• Coffin nails
This is a rare deal and is the most desired one. It takes high maintenance and is uptight. You can make it a showstopper by pairing plain and delicate art designs on it. It looks stunning.
The plates – keep it minimal for this elegant shape as decent art stamping will make it stand out and will not overpower the nail shape.

• Stiletto nails
This nail kind is unique and creates a statement like coffin nails. Not easily maintained at home and proper care should be taken by visiting the salon for it to look its best.
The plates – the prints of nail stamping plates for this one should be remarkably small and shattered. Your nails must look fuss free and not too busy.

So, in a fraction of time you will end up with the most perfect, gorgeous and sophisticated art on your hands which will leave others screaming. So get access to this brilliant nail stamping plates and leave others dreaming.


Source by Tarannum Ali Mohmmed