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Loyalty Card | Coffee card App for any business Soacial sharing and much more..

What can you do with your own App for Android and ios?

Keep your customers wanting more and repeating business. Drive your promotions and get straight the the customers mobile smart phone with your advertising & promos.
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Dry Cleaners
Nail Bars
Vape shops
general stores
Dry Cleaners
Clothes stores
The list is endless…. The possibilities are endless

An App. to keep customers informed

Loyalty Cards – With the Loyalty feature you’ll be able to create a loyalty’s punch or stamp purchases. For example “one burger for ten bought”. To validate a loyalty point the business owner will have to enter a four his card to the retailer for stamping it, with our digital loyalty card, the client has to show his smartphone and the retailer has four-digit password to validate a point.
Loyalty Cards – Social sharing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

We will design you a stunning App.

Social Game – With the Social Gaming feature, business owners will be able to increase the purchasing frequency of their clients by giving them their ranking based on their loyalty. This feature is working only if a loyalty card is integrated in the application. The more a user gets loyalty points, the higher his level in the ranking will be. All users see their positions in the ranking and the business owner can offer a gift to the leader. The more the gift is important the more the challenger users will come back to dethrone the leader, and the more the leader will come back to consolidate his rank. 
Scratch Cards – With the Scratch Card feature you can offer your users a chance to win rewards and give them a fun motivation to visit your business. You’ll be able to create as many scratch cards as you need to. 
PLACES – It will display your business on a map, or, if the user opens the sheet of a particular location, he will be able to get the path and directions to this location, by walking or driving. The listing of the locations is sort according to the distance between the locations and the user, from closest to farthest.
NEWS WALL – This feature allows you to create a news page with a photo and comments from users. It works like a news wall, users are able to find all the posts you wrote on it.

QR Coupons

This feature will allow you to create discount coupons that will be unlocked by scanning a specific QR Code. Once unlocked, the customer can use the discount when he wants.

That means the coupon will not appear in the app for the user until he has scanned the QR Code (When you will add a coupon code you will not see it until you’ve scanned the QR code).

As a business owner you create a QR coupon, and you obtain a QR Code.

You can distribute this QR code on your website or in a newsletter, etc to reward specific actions, or just show it to premium clients so that they can flash it.

Once scanned the coupon will appear in their apps.

Mcommerce – With the Commerce feature you will be able to sell your products from one or several points of sale. Users will be able to pay online via Paypal, or to pay at your point of sale or when they are delivered.

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