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We have marketing packages that range from artwork and design to full blown Google PPC and Facebook campaigns. Each package can be tailored to your budget and goals.

Marketing your business

Simple steps to get you more customers day after day

Google PPC

Pay per click advertising can be cheaper than you may think and in most cases we can get you up to £100 free advertising with Google

2 Page mini sites

We are experts in lead generation and SEO for Google. We will make a 2 page mini site and create your leads for you.

Twin Screen PC

Our Twin Screen PC option allows front screen adverts to cycle all day long, never miss an upgrade or cross sell oprortunity again.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a marketers dream but if you don’t know how it can cost you a fortune on wasted adverts.


Automate chat in Messenger to get a staggering 85% response to your marketing and start getting new customers every day.

Automated responses

Give away special deals without ever being at your PC with automated messenger deals that just go crazy for new businesses in any area.

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What People Are Saying

“Only just started Facebook advertising with inteltec but it’s already pulled of some great clients”

Joe, Manchester

“The  2 page mini site cost a little bit more but Paul set up a local ad and its proved very successful as all the leads are fresh, and looking for my product”

Jane, Leeds

“The mini site 2 page option worked great for us, basically inteltec sets up a 2 page lead generating web page and advertises for you – very easy and no updates needed by us”

Sally, Leicester

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