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Coffee shop ePOS system

  • 15″  all in one 15″ customer advertising screen
  • Customer Display
  • 128 GB SSD + 4 GB Ram
  • Free menu programming 
  • 80mm Thermal printer
  • Standard UK cash drawer 
  • Bar code reader or Caller ID device (OPTIONAL)
  • Kitchen display or printer (OPTIONAL)
  • Cloud software / Hybrid
  • Digital signage FREE for front screen
  •  shop  system Complete NEW Hardware .

Whether you run a Cafe, a Sandwich Shop or a Delicatessen, our fast, reliable epos solution will allow you and your staff to keep on top of sales during your busiest hours and keep your customers happy.

Easy to use

  • Simple for staff to learn and operate.
  • Reduce speed of service and increase sales during busy.
  • Reduce queues and provide higher satisfaction

Single or Multi-site Management

  • See live sales & reports.
  • Make changes to settings, menus, products prices live.
  • Schedule changes for future dates on either indiviual sites, group of sites.

Flexible & Customisable

  • Flexible for a varied and changing menu.
  • Packed with a variety of features.
  • Additional features available for your bespoke requirements.

Kitchen Display System

  • Table & takeaway orders directly displayed in the kitchen.
  • Empower Chef & Kitchen staff to better control the orders.
  • Save printing cost.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Process orders more efficiently.

Handheld Ordering

  • Variety of handheld ordering solutions that connect and sync with the EPOS system.
  • Variety of Standalone handheld ordering solution.
  • Send orders directly to kitchen printers or Kitchen display system.
  • Quick and easy order taking process.
  • Take payment on the go.

Reduce the risk of mistakes

  • Pay a table & counter, optional card payment.
  • Take orders at the table with range of mobile order taking solution

Maximise sales with promotions

  • Mix & Match Offers
  • Set Menus
  • Happy Hours

Graphical Table Management

  • View and control multiple dining areas
  • Serve customers faster with smart sales tools

Secure Sign On

  • Fingerprint login
  • Ibutton login
  • Magnetic card sign on
  • Secret Code login

Regulatory and compliance measures

  • Allergen information
  • Tax and financial data reporting

Kitchen Languages

  • Print orders in multiple languages in the kitchen for staff with different primary languages.

Digital Menu Boards

  • Display a live digital menu
  • Digital menu board Syncs automatically with Epos Software.
  • Make Changes on the go.

Collection-Point Display Screens

  • Displays open orders on a display screen
  • Display ready to collect/serve orders on display screen.

A wonderful package for the smaller and larger business owner. 

This modern look 15″ touch screen  with 15″ front display panel to advertise to customers will take your small  – Restaurant –  – And many more business types. to the next level…. 

       Customizable screen levels

  • Kitchen printing
  • Staff security & control
  • Table tracking system
  • No sale feature
  • Automatic / On demand receipts
  • Automatic price changes for happy hour
  • Multi-buy discounts
  • X Report & Z Report, Daily Report, Product Reports and much more
  • Training Clerk
  • Split bills
  • View Orders
  • Refund and void features
  • Partial payments
  • Transfer Table & Split Table
  • Telephone ordering- (Caller Id box required for extra cost)
  • Driver management
  • Count down Clock
  • Post code look up (Optional)
  • Remote support (optional)
  • Credit card integration (optional)
  • Tablet Ordering (Optional) internet required
  • Online Order management  (optional)
  • Kitchen display (Optional)
Training / remote training
Website ordering (Optional)

Hardware spec for PC 
LCD 15″ TFT LCD  15″ LED 
Resolution 1024*768 
Customer Display 15″ 
I/O Ports External 
HDMI Port 1 x HDMI Port 
VGA Port 1 x VGA Port 
Serial Port 1 x COM Port 
Printer Port 1 x Parallel Port 
USB Port 6 x USB (6Rear) 
Keyboard 1 x PS/2 
LAN Port 1 x RJ45 Giga LAN 
Audio Port 

Web Cam (Optional)

Caller id unit (Optonal)

Membership cards (Optional)

menu set up free if simple small charge if complicated

SSD 128G

1 x Line Out 

☕  Touch Screen Epos System☕

ePOS for coffee shop

Single Screen PC's

Single screen ePOS PC

Using 15″ Touchscreen pc 
NEW Cash Drawer 4 note 8 Coin
NEW 80mm thermal printer
NEW mouse + Keyboard (PC only)
Menu set up
Windows 10 Pro Licenced

Twin Screen PC's

15″ Screen + 15″ Screen (Advertising)
FREE 6x graphics
Marketing Plan (Optional)
Full software package set up for your business….
Using 15″ Touchscreen pc + 15″ Display front screen
NEW Cash Drawer 4 note 8 Coin
NEW 80mm thermal printer
NEW mouse + Keyboard (PC only)
Windows 10Pro Licenced

Mobile POS

10.5″ with counter docking station and hand strap to carry to table
NEW Cash Drawer 4 note 8 Coin
NEW 80mm thermal printer
NEW mouse + Keyboard 
Windows 10 licenced

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