Hair is one of the most attractive features on the human body. That is why it's logical to find professional hair straighteners versus the generic brands. Quality is always better over price when it comes to finding the perfect tool to style your hair.

Why is it important to have a quality hair straightener? One of the most important reasons why any woman would want a high quality hair straightener is because it gives you the freedom of styling your own hair without having to visit a salon. A onetime investment in a quality straightener can give you an endless, if not lifetime, ability to style your hair without repeated cost.

The second reason is because so many styles can be concocted with a quality hair straightener and you will not have to worry about damaging your hair. So how can you determine which is right for you? The simple guidelines below can help you choose the best straightener for your money.

Professional straighteners come in two different categories. There are the brands that are sold with metal plates and the brands that make use of ceramic plates. Metal plates often have a tendency to heat up quickly and can be heated unevenly.

Although metal does a quick job, they can damage hair if used for long periods of time. Ceramic plates heat up evenly and cool down quickly so as not to damage hair. Although, it does take longer to complete hair straightening with ceramic plates, but you will not be risking any damage to your hair.

Some top quality straighteners have also recently made use of the newest technologies that combine Tourmaline and Nano technology. So far, both these qualities are far better alternatives for hair straightening without causing any further damage to your hair. The Tourmaline, which is a gemstone, is crushed and mixed within the ceramic plates to give the user a safer and more advanced hair straightening experience.

Nano technology is another procedure which makes the hair straighteners safe as well. This technology is accomplished by the infrared heating deep into the hair shaft and penetrating it. This technique produces as a more permanent style of hair. The best straighteners have created a combination of Tourmaline and Nano technology integrating both of these into their ceramic plates. The results for these types of professional hair straighteners give the consumer much better results than the cheap versions that simply damage and burn the hair.


Source by Angie Walters