You have probably heard the term cougar woman a lot in the media, but have you ever wondered what makes a woman a cougar? Well, the first thing to know is that cougar is not a derogatory word. Women who are referred to as cougars are named after the wild cat and exhibit some of the cats strengths, such as power, beauty and success. Cougar women know what they want and are not afraid to go out and get it. Here is a checklist of what makes a woman a cougar – hey you could be one yourself!

1. A cougar woman is over 35 years old.

2. A cougar woman is attracted to younger men. These men (or cubs) are usually 10 years or more younger and exhibit qualities such as good looks and a fun and exciting personality.

3. Cougar women are predatory in their flirting techniques. They are not worried about approaching men and are great flirts. They enjoy male attention and know what to do to get it.

4. Cougar women take care of themselves. They value their looks and do what is necessary to maintain them. For some this means regular gym workouts or pilates classes. Others may spend money on nice clothes, make up and expensive hair styles. For some cougars plastic surgery is the answer and they may invest in a breastfeeding augmentation or a lift here or there.

5. Cougar women exude confidence. This shines through in the way they walk, talk, flirt and generally enjoy life.

6. Cougar women are often successful in work and life. They are usually quite well off and enjoy treating their youngger dates. These women are a joy to be around as they tend to be so much less stressful than younger girls, who can be insecure in their looks and life path.


Source by Catherine Smith