It is vital to have a decent lighting to have good makeup. Whether you get that lighting naturally or by any other source, it is important so that you can have flawless makeup. Overhead lightings should be avoided when applying makeup. Let us have a look at some other makeup tips you can use.

It is important to have your looks look sexy. You need to work carefully on the cheeks. Just suck your cheers inwards so that a hollow area is created. Then fill it with a bronzer and powder some shimmer on the top. A dark-light type of makeup pops out the cheeks so that they look juicy.

Tip 2
If you look pale, then it is time to get revived. Take a fluffy brush and dip it in a dark blush and some powder. Flick off the excess and swirl the brush swiftly and lightly.

Tip 3
Botched Brows are something that you would not love to have. You can use brow powder and apply it like hair strokes. You can make use of color taupe too. But you have to be careful that the shade is not too dark.

Tip 4
You can make your nose look narrower for a good effect. Use a highlighter all over the nose and then dab a concealer over it. Make sure that the shade of the concealer is a little bit darker than your natural skin tone. Keep your focus on highlighting your nose bone. This will attract more eyes on itself rather than the sides.

Tip 5
It is a common observation to have a pimple. Well you need to cover that to look good. You can use a frozen swab soaked in eye whitening solution. Keep the cotton swab on the affected area for 15 minutes and make sure it remains cold and rigid. The cooling effect reduces the swelling and also the redness in that particular area.

Tip 6
Not only pimples, but their marks are a problem too. You can apply primers to the hollow areas to reduce them. The primers usually fill in the hollow spaces because of the silicon base. With a sponge, carry on the process. Following the same pattern, pat some foundation too. Then cover it all up with a translucent powdered layer and you are ready to go.


Source by Ricky Hussey