If you are reading this article to find a cure for hair loss or a cure for dandruff, you have hit the nail on the head. By the time you are through with reading this, you will have learned numerous ways to prevent hair loss and of dandruff treatment. Herbal sciences have been instrumental in devising various methodical methods which have resolved in providing hair loss remedy, alopecia cure, and what's more, even a cure for baldness.

Hair loss has been a major cause of worry in the environment. It has been prevalent in both the sexes in an equally dominating manner. While the loss of hair can be due to heredity, aging and hormones it is mainly due to an unbalanced diet, high stress, and infectious diseases etc. Therefore, our primary aim should be to visit a hair loss doctor and identify the cause beforelistlisting for any type of hair loss remedy. Women sometimes undergo hair loss during and after menopause, and even after childbirth.

The basic reason for hair loss is improper care and under nourished diet. Our effort should be keep our scalp clean from dirt and any other foreign material. Regular brushing of hair by a good quality brush and massaging to improve blood circulation is also important. A person undergoing hair loss treatment should opt for a diet rich in iron combined with vitamin C, which helps the body in absorption of iron. Moreover, excessive permitting, dyeing, bleaching and massage should be avoided as it may turn the hair brittle and make them rough, thereby resulting in hair loss.

If you are undergoing hair loss treatment or that for dandruff cure, you should be cautious while using cosmetics for hair and should seek advice from a hair loss doctor before adhering to them. It is recommended that you use a shampoo which has a pH less then seven (acidic), does not cause irritation and facilitates secretion of natural oils. Also, hair should be properly washed after bathing by mild exposure to the sun or by a drier. Rubbing the hair for drying should be avoided.

Dandruff cure lies in keeping the scalp clean from dirt and any other foreign material. Some people do have an inherent problem of dandruff due to excessive sebum secretion. Boric acid has been prevalent as a popular cure for dandruff. A solution of boric acid in water can be rubbed into the scalp and washed after sometimes with a quality shampoo. Use of lemon and lemon leaves is also recommended by hair loss doctors for a clean scalp.

Medicated shampoos especially made for dandruff removal may also carry out dandruff treatment. Regular use of such a shampoo may control excess production of new cells in the scalp which result in dandruff. These shampoos are microbial, anti inflammatory and produce a desired result if used under the supervision of a hair loss doctor.

Get going. The transition phase is about to begin. Seek advice from your hair loss doctor regarding cure for hair loss or cure for dandruff and follow it zealously to regain your beautiful hair and overall, the most delicious and adorable part of your body.


Source by Sashi Sarda