It is natural in humans to hide imperfections. Some go to the extreme length of correcting imperfections through surgery. This human trait is true when it comes to toe nail fungus, especially in women. They try to hide toe nail fungus by putting nail polish and artificial nails. You may be one of them. Little did you know that this only makes matters worse because toe nail fungus will grow and spread in dark places. What you should be doing is looking for effective toe nail fungus remedies and stop going to nail salons where you can pick up this fungus. Surfing through the internet you'll encounter toe nail fungus remedies from oral medicines to mouthwash. Oral antifungal medications are expensive and dangerous. These drugs have adverse effects such as nausea, vomiting, stomach ache and can cause liver damage. Not to mention the time and money spent on blood work to monitor liver damage liver.

Among all toe nail fungus remedies, the best treatment is the all natural topical solution. Using essential oils like tea tree, lavender, clove, almond, lemongrass and jojoba oils that are acknowledged for their antifungal properties, nail and skin conditioning and cell renewal. Exposing your feet to light, especially sunlight will boost the healing process. Sunlight deters the growth of the fungus thus helping the effectiveness of toe nail fungus remedies. The Embarrassment and self consciousness should take a back seat to your focus on the goal of your toenail fungus treatment. So expose your feet to the warm of the sunlight, treat yourself to a morning stroll on the park. Because it's good for you and your toe nails.


Source by Kevin P James