Lets face it, artificial nails are still in and have been since the sixties. Its rare to find a woman who does not wear them. Its a vanity thing and a way to show off those beautiful hands. Sexy hands is what most women want and guys love them too. But there are dangers lurking below those great looking falsies.

The spread of the nail fungus is common among women and the beauty industry. Women often visit nail shops where professional nail experts apply artificial nails and where pedicures and manicures are common practice. Nail spas are popular breeding grounds for all kinds of nail fungus bacteria (spores) Fungus is spread from person to person on tools such as those used in nail shops, clippers, nail files, buffers and scrubbers etc. Any tool shared among many people can harbor nail fungus spores and can be easily transmitted from person to person.

While most men and women often see a nail fungus infection on the toenail, women can also get a nail infection on their finger nails, especially those who wear artificial nails. The reason is because nail fungus lives and breaths in dark moist places such as under the artificial nail (moist) and in dark places (with nail polish applied). Even without nail polish the environment is dark enough to be a perfect breeding ground for nail fungus.

Regular inspection of your fingernails is especiallypecially if you visit a nail shop regularly. Nails should be inspected during every visit. Inspect your nail bed to ensure its not starting to change color, eg turning yellow or brownish. This can usually be detected during the early signs of a nail infection. Sometimes, you can see visible signs of yellow although the artificial nail with the nail polish removed but generally the nail bed will reveal an infection first. If you suspect a nail fungus infection, have the artificial nail removed and start treating it before it get out of control. The last thing you want to do is continue wearing artificial nails and or apply nail polish to hide them.

There are many women who will ignore the signs and simply continue painting over their discolored nails. I know I did for awhile. Please take the steps to cure the problem first. I cant stress this enough. The longer you wait for cure nail fungus the uglier it gets and not treating it immediately means it could spread to all your other nails and other people. And when i say spread I'm not kidding. I have seen women with more than half of the nails on their hands infected.


Source by June Holland