An important part of looking good is maintaining your hair and your nails. After all, one would not want to be very well-dressed but have dirty nails and unkempt hair!

To get a really good haircut, one needs hair cutting scissors. These can be found at any store, and in hair cutting parlors. Sometimes they are also referred to as barbers scissors or hair cutting shears, or even barber shears. They are scissors which are specifically made for the purpose of cutting hair. When you go for a haircut, the hairdresser does not cut your hair with ordinary scissors, he uses hair cutting scissors for the optimal look.

The main factor about such scissors is their sharpness – scissors need to be sharp to cut and style the hair properly. The hair cutting scissors generally need to be razor-sharp in order to make sure that the hair can be cleanly cut – this will prevent any compressing or mangling. If the scissors are maintained well and kept clean, then there will be reduced incidence of split ends. So if you would like to keep nice hair, and are going for a haircut, make sure that the right hair cutting scissors are being used – which are good and sharp. You will see that some scissors are sharp, some are slightly less shaper, some are even curved, and left and right handed types are available. There is something to suit all purposes! Hair cutting scissors need to be sharpened regularly with a whetstone or any good quality professional sharpening service.

Sometimes, feathering razors are used in parlors – these serve the purpose of adding texture to a layered haircut. They can also reduce the weight from thick and heavy hair, and sometimes they are also used to soften the angles for bangs. Feathering razors are great for all sorts of haircuts – and if you have a layered haircut, then you can try feathering it to soften and accentuate your layers while at the same time maintaining its length.

As stated before, clean nails are an important part of hygiene and of looking good – just like a good haircut. That is why one needs to use cuticle nippers and nail and toe nippers. You can use these not just for home manicures and pedicures, but also just to spruce up your fingernails and toenails. Its basic hygiene, and also keeps your nails in tip-top shape! Cuticle nippers are quite similar to tweezers – but there is a cutting element, which comes in useful. They are helpful for areas that have thicker cuticles, or areas which have dead skin that can not be reached by the nail cutters. Nail and toe nippers are ideal for maintaining your fingernails and toenails. Ideally, it is sensible to soak your hands and feet in warm water first, this makes them easier to handle with the nippers. However, when using nippers of any kind, you should be careful as the blades are generally much sharper than regular nail cutters – so if you do not use them properly, then you could possibly get cut or injured.


Source by Ruby Macias