If you are wondering what lasers hair removal is then you've come to the right place. It is using a laser for hair removal in a method that works by applying a beam of light and allowing it to pass through the skin. This beam targets melanin, a dark pigment. The beam further works to reach deep benefit the surface of the skin to the hair follicle and destroying the follicle all together.

Laser removal of hair should immediately slow hair growth but will require a few treatments in order to keep hair coming back (or at least greatly lengthened the amount of time it takes for this to happen).

How does it Work?

Long term results are achieved by targeting the laser's beams on the hair follicle and sending it a signal that sends it into a period of rest. The laser produces a very high energy light that targets the melanin (or dark pigmentation in the hair shaft) and goes to work.

The expertise in laser hair removal comes into play because the work needs to be done without causing any lasting damage to the skin's surface. This means that the light needs to be applied long enough to achieve the desired result benefit the surface but no so long that it can lead to damage the skin. One reason that it is difficult to treat darker skin tones for hair removal purposes. There are multiple lasers that are designed to address specific needs. You may find that your treatment is a little different than your friend laser for hair removal treatment.

It is very important when receiving laser hair removal treatments that you find an experienced and qualified practitioner to perform your treatment. There are too many things that could go wrong if you do not choose wisely which you will allow to perform your treatments. Inexperienced users could cause damage that will be far worse than the original condition that encouraged you to seek treatment in the first place.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

The answer to this is going to vary on an individual level. There are many factors that will determine this and not all of those factors are things that can be seen at a glance. Chances are very good that you will need more than one treatment though. You may be able to schedule your treatments further and further apart though with each additional treatment. Be prepared to plan a lifetime of maintenance for optimal laser hair removal treatments. These visits may be as long as a year apart but will help you maintain the results for as long as you continue the follow up treatments.

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Source by Jerry Whitmore