Have you just gone through a painful breakup and are now thinking, "I want my boyfriend back?" If so, you've come to the right place. In this article, we're going to look at three ways to help you save the relationship and make your boyfriend want you back. First, we'll discuss how to show you have learned from previous mistakes in the relationship. Second, we'll talk about how to show him the reasons he started loving you to remind him of the positives. Finally, we'll go over how to win his friends over so they can play on your side and help you with your goal. After reading this article, you'll be able to get your boyfriend back.

When one of my best friends Emily told me "I want my boyfriend back," I knew why she came to me for advice. I had gone through a painful breakup myself and had personal experience in salvaging my relationship. I told Emily that the first step is to show your ex boyfriend that you have learned from past mistakes that may have caused the breakup. This takes some analysis to figure out why the relationship ended in the first place. Were there habits of yours that annoyed him? Were there principals or values ​​that clashed with his? Was it a single event that made him end the relationship? Usually, you will feel he was wrong and see his flaws while being blind to your own. So it's really important to take a birds-eye approach and analyze your missteps from an unbiased perspective.

Those that tell me "I want my boyfriend back" are usually desperate and emotional. It's important to think clearly and understand the actions you need to take to win him back. One piece of advice is to remind him how and why he began loving you in the first place. This will also take a birds-eye and unbiased approach. You must remember what you were like at the start of the relationship and what you are now in the present time. If he liked you because of your ambitious goals in life but you've since become less driven, perhaps you can re-engage those goals and show him you're back on track. This can be applied to any reason he fell in love with you, whether it's your sense of humor, your compassion, or even your physical appearance.

Finally, you need to know how to win his friends and family so together you can influence your ex boyfriend to take you back. If you're thinking "I want my boyfriend back," the best way is to influence his inner circle. You must analyze the situation at hand. You'll have a much better chance if you have a strong friendship already with his friends and family. You can keep in touch with them and mention all the positives about the relationship and how you wish you could have it back. Do not straight up ask them to talk to your boyfriend but become close to his friends and subtly communicate your desire to salvage the relationship. You may even gain additional insight about the relationship that your boyfriend did not mention.

So there you have it. Three important tips to win your boyfriend back. After I told Emily my advice, she went from "I want my boyfriend back," to "I can not believe it was that easy" and they are now happily back together. It does take work on your end and each case is different so you must be able to judge yourself if the relationship is still salvageable. With the tips above, however, you'll be much better prepared and your chances of getting back will be great.


Source by Tiffany Emery