Short curly hairstyles are no longer a trend from the past, but actually a new look that is taking Hollywood by storm. There are many female celebrities that are starting to try out short looks with their curly hair, including Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. Curly hair can be worn in a number of different ways, and those with short hair have just as many abilities as those with long hair.

Hair just above the shoulders is a perfect length for those who have naturally curly hair, especially if the curls are naturally tight. It is still long enough that the front can be pulled up and supported with a clip, but short enough to hold the curls without looking frizzed. Females with straight hair can also achieve short curly hairstyles, since it all takes is a curling iron and a hair product to secure the curl. Hairspray or gel can be purchased for fairly cheap, or you may want to consult your hair stylist for a stronger product such as a wax. Use a small curling iron for tight curls, or a large one for large curls to add extra volume.

Anti-frizz spray can be used for those who have naturally curly hair, since it can help to keep the curls in place and look flawless all day. Bobby pins are also great for short curly hairstyles, since they secure the hair in any place and can hold onto it for hours after hours. Women with straight hair can prepare their hair with curling shampoo before using a curling iron, since it can make the hair hold the curls for a longer period of time.

Short curly hairstyles are great for women who do not have much time to style their hair each morning, but still looks just as good as those with long hair. Short curly hair looks great when in business attire, ready to hit the club, or at home with the kids for the weekend. No matter the situation, short curly hairstyles will always look great.


Source by Brooke Hayles