Right now, coloring the hair becomes style. No wonder that many girls want to change their original hair colors. Unfortunately, they get difficulties in determining the right color for their hairs.

It is common for them to decide to color their hairs after seeing how great their friends' hair colors look on them. As the result, the colors of their hair often look all wrong on them and they hate their hair colors. Yes, it is indeed that choosing the color of your hair is not as simple as you thought before. Many elements factor in when coloring your hair, such as your skin tone, eye color, and the color of your natural or artificial hair.

To determine the right hair color for you, firstly you can take a test drive by trying a wig until you get the perfect color for your hair. Or you can ask an advice to a professional colorist to choose the best color for your hair based on your skin tone, eye color, etc.

Another key is understanding the tone – refer to whether a hair color is warm or cool. In general, warm colors have yellow, peach, or red undertones and cool colors have pink, violet, or blue undertones. Therefore, it is better to you who have cool skin tones to avoid gold, red, bronze, and yellow tones, while warm skin tones should avoid violet, blue, and ash tones.

Actually you can get good result by coloring your hair at home as long as you know how to select the right color and apply it correctly. However, it is better for you to consult with the professional colorist since coloring your hair incorrectly can affect your health. It is known that coloring hair refers to combining permanent hair colors and chemical ingredients related to the hair dyes. It can be important to your pregnancy and can cause allergy and the risk of blood-associated with cancers.


Source by Zane L Marquez