Coloring your hair requires some simple precautions before you start. Make sure you follow the detailed instructions give in the back of the pack and add a few safety measures such as gloves and a color chart before you start. Once you have the right hair dye, you can prepare the hair to take on the color. Depending on the instructions provided on the pack, your hair will need to be in either wet or dry condition as the particular dye demands.

Hair coloring at home is definitely not an easy task and it is usually a good idea to ask a friend of family member to help you provided they have some idea on how to color hair. If you are planning to just highlight a few strands, you would need to pick those up and use the color on them. However, most people choose to color their own hair while doing it at home and do the highlighting at a salon as it is a cost effective way to approach hair coloring.

There are a number of products available in the hair color range and you should test the sample color on a strand to ensure that it is not reacting with your hair and is offering a color which you really want. You are obviously all-too-familiar with what happens when you try and color your hair without doing the test! The color is not easy to get rid off once done and you will need to wait for hair growth to get rid of unwanted color which can be quite painful.

Professional help from the salon is the best advice one can give for those who are trying on hair color for the first time. You can choose your color under guidance and get a load of advice on how to preserve the hair color for the longest period of time. However, if you are coloring your hair to hide gray, then it can easily be done at home as you are likely to choose your original hair color at that point of time.


Source by Kimberly Spencer