There's nothing like spending a long, beautiful day at the beach. It's really the only place where you're encouraged to lie around and do absolutely nothing. Although you may feel mildly guilty for enjoying your perfectly unproductive day, put what little worries you had to rest and know that the beach is a wonderful place to maintain your health.

Although it's a valid and often necessary precaution to cover yourself from head to toe with sunscreen, the sun's rays are actually a vital element in maintaining and even improving your overall quality of health. Through the sun, we are able to receive our daily dose of vitamin D, considered an essential component in strengthening our immune system. Vitamin D is so crucial to our health that a deficiency can result in illnesses like cancer, autism, heart disease, arthritis and osteoporosis. By spending ten to fifteen in the sun without any sun protection, you can reduce inflammation, increase the amount of red blood cells in your body, and stimulate the production of natural brain chemicals. Sun exposure Promotes an increase of serotonin and endorphins, making you feel happier and energized. Melatonin is also increased, allowing you to sleep better. This totally explains why a day at the beach is so enjoyable, yet exhausting at the end of the day!

In addition to these great health benefits, your skin will also look fantastic. Limited, but daily, sun exposure will make your skin appear to glow with a touch of color.

Sure, swimming in the ocean is optional when going to the beach, but here are few reasons why you should just dive in. Cooler water is exhilarating and great for circulation. It can help to ease sore muscles and assist with inflammation, which is great for people who suffer from arthritis. While the ocean is filled with all kinds of critters, it is also chock full of minerals. Minerals, like iodine, boost thyroid function in your body, improving your immune system. They also have detoxifying qualities, which may help improve certain skin disorders.

If this was not enough, ocean water is also an amazing all-natural replacement for clarifying shampoos! All you need to do it dip your head in ocean, swirl it around and voila! The salty water helps to cut down on any build up that may have formed from hair products or natural oils.

Walking barefoot on the beach is just about one of the best things you can do for your body. For one thing, it makes for great exercise. Walking on the sand helps to tone muscles in the legs as well as increase circulation, strengthen your bones and decrease blood pressure. The sand also works to massage the soles of your feet, soothing aches and pains while also promoting lymphatic circulation.

Sand also doubles as an excellent exfoliating treatment for your skin. Next time your sitting down on the beach, just grab a grateful of sand and rub it over your arms or legs to eliminate any dead skin.


Source by Asia Fujikake