Summer is coming which means spending your weekends at the beach and hanging by the swimming pool. Besides the goal of shedding off that extra weight that everyone seems to have around this time of year, another concern many people have is being able to get rid hair on places of their body that they would rather not have. So if this is your goal, what hair removal options do you have?


This is probably the most common method of removing unwanted hair from your body. It's inexpensive to by a razor and some shaving cream but it is a hassle to have to repeat the process every day or two. Both men and women have to deal with this on a daily basis. Many men opt for the electric shaver which is a lot more convenient, although their skin is not left as smooth as with a razor. Another problem with shaving to is the chance of cutting yourself and getting skin irritations.


This is mainly used by women when they need to get rid of hair one at a time like with their eyebrows, lips, and underarm. The problem with this is that it takes way too long and is sometimes uncomfortable to do.


This method involves putting heated wax on your skin followed by apply a piece of paper or cloth on top of it, then yanking it in order to pull the hair out of the skin. This method of hair removal can be messy but the results of not having hair will last longer than the first two methods. Also, since you're able to tackle a larger area of ​​the skin all at once compared to tweezing. A down side is that this can be quite painful. Remember those movies where a man is getting his chest hairs waxed? Ouch!

Laser Hair Treatment

This involves having a laser practitioner go in and disable the hair follicles in order to stop hair from growing at all. This is a more permanent way of hair removal and can be quite expensive. You may have to go in for several sessions and although it will not remove your hair forever most of the time, the few hairs that do grow back will be thinner and less noticeable.

There are other ways besides the ones mentioned above to remove unwanted hair. Which ever way you use, it's a routine that you have to put up with every day or week but it's either that or having unsightly hairs showing where you do not want them to show.


Source by Kelly CR