When dogs shed their hair can find their way onto your clothes, furniture, and even in your food. When considering getting a four-legged companion, you should understand that practically all dog breeds shed their hair to some extent. The key is deciding what kind of upkeep and maintenance you are willing to undertake to keep your pup's coat and your couch clean.

Why dogs shed

Dogs shed their coats for a couple of reasons. Puppies will start to shed hair when their adult coat begins to set in. This typically occurs between four and six months. Adult dogs shed their coats in order to 1) allow a new coat to coat in, and 2) to accommodate for seasonal changed in temperature.

It is fairly common for large breeds who are built for spending a lot of time outdoors to shed their own coat at least twice a year. This process is called blow coat. However, smaller indoor dogs tend to shed year round. This is because they have more insulation from extreme temperatures, so their body does not adjust to the immediate change from going in and outdoors often and briefly.

Reducing shedding

It is impossible to complete solve the issue of shedding because it is part of a dog's biological processes. There are steps that you as a dog own can take to help reduce the severity of shedding and prevent dog hair from blanking your home.

· Groom. Groom. Groom.

· Regular brushing with a slicker brush

· Use shedding combs to run through coat until it can run through smoothly

· If you do not have these tools, simple everyday items like a lint roller or the attachment from a vacuum can help get the loose hair off your dog

What to do with all that hair

Dog owners have recycled and reused mounds of hair that has been shed. Dog hair actually makes great yarn to knit a sweater or a scarf. It is also a great ingredient to include in mulch if you enjoy spending time in the garden.

Shedding and allergies

People who are allergic to dogs are not actually allergic to dog care, as this is a misconception held by many people. It is actually the dander in dog hair and not the hair itself that causes the allergies. There are several breeds that are either hairless, have minimal shedding, or very little dander in their hair. They include

· Bichon Frise

· Maltese

· Portuguese water dog

· Mexican hairless

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Source by Joseph Devine