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Self order kiosk solutions by POSSO Ltd.

Self order kiosk, self service kiosk solutions

Self Order Kiosk can increase throughput – make higher bills – Create a great feature – Save staff costs, Get ahead of the competition in your area…

A self order kiosk solution that won’t break your budget. 

Self Order Kiosk By Posso Ltd.

“The restaurant industry is transforming and competition is more intense than ever before. “Winning” restaurant brands will be those that best understand their customers, capitalise on digital technology options and analytics, and seize upon the opportunity to engage customers in a highly personalised way.” HOT NEWS RIGHT NOW self order kiosk (self- ordering) are hot news right now in the UK, Just take a look at McDonald’s & KFC. Since the launch of these two major players SELF order has taken off to a new level.. THE USA They always make a song and dance so why not us here in the UK? Talk to Posso about self order kiosks today.    02039652304 (Paul Robinson)

Pedestal Self service kiosk systems

Stylish and visual self service kiosk solutions

Self order kiosks on Gumtree

Self service Kiosks on Gumtree

Self order Kiosks on Youtube

Self order Kiosks on Youtube

Self order Kiosks on Youtube

Self order kiosk


Self Order Kiosk for Restaurants

For those of you who are new to the Self Order Kiosk world. Self Order Kiosks are typically considered to be touchscreen computers that allow customers to enter an order into the computer on their own

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Self order Kiosk solutions for your business

Fast :: Easy :: Self Order

Take a look at these systems – Before you go just fill the form and lets show YOU how this can be one of  your greatest assets. No wages :: NO Time off sick :: take Payments :: Bigger orders :: Faster ques :: The McDonalds effect CUSTOMERS ARE LOVING IT…

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