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 Self  Order kiosk, self service kiosk solutions

Self-Order Kiosk can increase throughput – make higher bills – Create a great feature – Save staff costs, Get ahead of the competition in your area…

A self-order kiosk solution that won’t break your budget

Self order kiosk & Digital signage

“The restaurant industry is transforming and competition is more intense than ever before.

“Winning” restaurant brands will be those that best understand their customers, capitalize on digital technology options and analytics, and seize upon the opportunity to engage customers in a highly personalised way.” 

HOT NEWS RIGHT NOW self order kiosk (self- ordering) are hot news right now in the UK

Just take a look at McDonald’s & KFC. Since the launch of these two major players SELF order has taken off to a new level.. 

THE USA They always make a song and dance so why not us here in the UK?

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QSR Site owners estimate saving £25,000 per year since installing
a self service kiosk.

The self order kiosks also helps make more money, according to QSR owners, because they draw people into the shop and prompts people to increase their order.  “People see the kiosk as they walk  past and it does draw them in. People like computers and would often rather deal with a computer than a person. “Posso Ltd. make intuitive screen layouts, Clients spend a little bit more because the images of the food are top quality restaurant specific and the menu is interactive: it prompts things like ‘would you like a side with that?’

Self service / self order kiosks upsells and staff don’t always upsell.”  Posso self service kiosks have certainly caught the attention of many fish and chip and QSR takeaways in the UK They used to say cash is king, but now, in the post covid-19 era, cash is dirty. Handling cash and serving food has become an even bigger issue than ever before, but it doesn’t need to be with the new generation of self-service kiosks from Posso – Allowing for Payment by virtually and device and card contactless, making them a big hit in the QSR take-away sector.

It is calculated the kiosk could  make a £25,000 saving per year through reduced staff costs and elimination of human errors. “You have all seen self order kiosks in places
like McDonald’s – KFC etc. and seeing how effective they are we can say for sure that these big boys of the industry know that Self-order kiosk systems are certainly the way forward when trying to be competitive and reduce staffing costs, a Posso self order kiosk  is a lot cheaper than a member of staff. If it’s in there all day every day, you are saving easily £100 every day on just One staff member.

Please note:- Savings and costings can be worked out on individual sites – Figures quoted are a representation of other users feedback

Pedestal Self service kiosk systems

Stylish and visual self order kiosk solutions

✔ Everything is connected?

✔ Yes epos till system, Online orders, apps, Self-Order Kiosk, App to receive the order the Posso One system connects everything to everything else.

✔ Can we just have a Kiosk

✔ Yes you can have kiosk only but you need to control the orders some way.. We can do this by accepting orders onto a tablet and printer for the lowest cost option

✔ Can we accept orders on the epos till system?

✔ Yes you can use the epos till system at the same time as accepting orders from the self-order kiosk

✔Do you offer any finance

✔Yes we do – If you need finance for your next project just let us know we can assist with this.

✔ Why Posso Ltd.

✔We offer unrivalled support and the very latest technologies to bring you the best POS system package in the UK.

✔ Can we get a demo or see a running site?

✔✔✔Absolutely – just fill the form on this page to contact us today

 Self Order Kiosks – the best way to save money for your restaurant!

Self-Ordering Kiosk is a technological leap that has revolutionized the way restaurants seek to serve the customers. The restaurant innovation combines the latest digital technology with cutting edge design offering a self-service station that’s sure to awe struck the customers. The solution is a perfect answer to long tiring visitor ques and takes the customer through the entire journey of choosing a product to making the
payment in no time. Here are the stand out benefits: 

Increased Revenue with self order

Owing to better menu choice and suggestive selling. it’s no surprise really that self order check out allows the customer a better user experience and therefore increases revenue, with intuitive upselling of your products.

Better Order Accuracy

Due to the self-ordering concept a guest only orders the food they want

Lower staff Costs

With the multiple role-playing self-ordering kiosks, lower staffing cost dramatically

Get Rid of Long Ques

With the access to multiple ordering and check out points provided by the self-ordering kiosk coupled with customer order ready screens Posso kiosk systems really do improve volume

Promotional Tools

Displaying menu items, discount offer and so on for better guest experience. We eat with our eyes so we strive to give the best food experience directly from the kiosk its self  with super appetising images let your customers choose their food. In a conventional check out queue it’s simply not possible to show off the food you sell in this way.

Self order kiosks on Gumtree

Self service Kiosks on Gumtree

Self order Kiosks on Youtube

Self order Kiosks on Youtube

Self order Kiosks on Youtube

Self order kiosk


Self Order Kiosk for Restaurants

For those of you who are new to the Self Order Kiosk world. Self Order Kiosks are typically considered to be touchscreen computers that allow customers to enter an order into the computer on their own

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Self order Kiosk solutions for your business

Fast :: Easy :: Self Order

Take a look at these systems – Before you go just fill the form and lets show YOU how this can be one of  your greatest assets. No wages :: NO Time off sick :: take Payments :: Bigger orders :: Faster ques :: The McDonalds effect CUSTOMERS ARE LOVING IT…

Self order kiosk & Digital signage
Self ordering kiosk cost

Self ordering kiosk cost

kiosk business unit manager for Posso, says that after research and development costs, the typical cost per kiosk (including a display, scanner, credit card reader, and receipt printer) is about £3,800+vat

Self-Order Kiosk Fast food

Self-Order Kiosk Fast food

The kiosks allow people who order something to easily customize what they want (as opposed to the usual one-burger-fits-all method) as well as asking for what it calls “table service”—having workers bring the food to their table as they sit and wait. In this way, the company claims that there will be no job losses

Self-Service Kiosk POS system
Self-order kiosk software
Benefits of Self-Ordering Kiosk
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