How to use a Self Service Kiosk


Tap the touch screen to start your order

Choose the main category you want to order from, our kiosks have the main categories displayed on the left side of the screen. You can easily scroll up and down to find the category you are looking for.

For instance if you want to order a fish and chips item from the store simply follow the image and text on screen for Fish & Chips. A customisation box will follow and item that has customisation available.

In this case we choose Small cod with large chips and a third option was salt/vinegar/salt & vinegar we choose NO salt and vinegar other customisation’s are able to be added such as sides

Obviously repeat these steps to complete your order choosing from any available category and food options

When you are happy with your completed order you can review it and edit any items as requires

Proceed to the payments screen and add any messages required such as “NO onions thanks” this allows an extra personal level of modification to your order

At the payment screen use any contact less device or card to proceed to pay. Some stores may have pay by cash option enabled also

Take you ticket with your order number and go to the collection area

Self service kiosks allow the best customisation with the least fuss, feel confident that you are getting the Food your way

food service¬†Kiosk¬†may be¬†an important¬†component¬†in upgrading your in-store¬†strategy. Such a self-service¬†Kiosks¬†permit¬†¬†patrons to submit their orders, pay and avoid waiting in long queues. There‚Äôs no¬†¬†doubt as you¬†introduce¬†your¬†clients;¬†you’d¬†continuously¬†show¬†customer¬†expertise¬†and aim¬†to make¬†a¬†long-lived¬†relationship with them.

Today we tend to  deny the importance of technology and automation, they play a key role in your building business success.

Roles of a Self-ordering systems

Increase order quality and improves the client satisfaction
Installing a self-service¬†kiosk ststem¬†with¬†a structured¬†management¬†computer¬† kiosk system¬†would¬†permit¬†you¬†to meet¬†your customers‚Äô¬†¬†needs.¬†they’re going to¬†relish¬†partaking¬†with the stystem¬†ANd¬†create easily bespoke customised¬†orders of their own design.

Facilitates quicker Service
When customers place and design their order themselves, it considerably reduces every kind of possible on counter face to face errors.  The restauranter will deploy the personnel to a lot of necessary and strategic areas. this will then allow  you to be able to focus a lot of on client retention.

Boosts Cross-Promotion and Up-Selling
Your self-ordering kiosks not solely permits to put AN order however is additionally a good manner for your cross-promotion and up-selling. This good move of you permits your customers to self-order relevant merchandise and services. Any building owner aims to produce personalised client  experiences.

A self-ordering kiosks ¬†allows¬†your guests to¬†quickly¬†place the order and¬†additionally¬†allows them to¬†customise¬†their orders. Adding¬†additional¬†paid toppings or¬†opt for¬†extra items which are included as pop ups automatically¬†are some¬†ways in which¬†to inctreade your¬†¬†revenue.¬†you’ll be able to¬†therefore¬†gain¬†a very healthy ROI.

Lowers the labor and different Operational Costs
In order¬†to cut back¬†unneeded¬†expenses¬†whereas¬†maintaining¬†an identical¬†client¬†expertise,¬†it’s¬†necessary¬†to¬†automatise¬†your systems. The self-order system with¬†building¬†management¬†computer code¬†can¬†assist QSRs in streamlining their¬†outlay¬†and increase productivity.

Eliminates order queues and greatly reduces the workers work.

Accurate Generated Bills
Our Self-ordering kiosks are bespoke touch-screen computers connected together with your restaurant’s POS computer code. However, in contrast to POS system it doesn’t need workers and rather it allows the shoppers to method the order themselves. This helps them generate their own order and orders.

Every single business in these strange days ahead could benefit for the massive labour savings of self order kiosk system.


All our Self service kiosk systems are pre treated bit Bio Shield Health Screen protection 

Bioshield for self order kiosk systems antimicrobial protection film for self order kiosk systems inhibits the growth of microbes, odour causing bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi. 

Using Silver Ion Technology, an antimicrobial fungistatic agent, Bioshield for self order kiosk systems inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus. 

Bioshield‚Äôs JISZ2801 tests (Japanese Industrial Standard test for antibacterial activity and efficacy ‚Äď ISO22196) have proven Bioshield to inhibit the growth of bacteria known to cause a number of diseases and infections including¬†MRSA, Influenza, Escherichia Coli (E.Coli), Clostridioides Difficila (C.Diff), Impetigo, Food Poisoning and much more.

Bioshield for self order kiosk systems  does not only inhibit the growth and further spread of the Bacteria, it immediately starts to break down the Microbes to burst the Cell walls and destroy them.

Each device, screen or surface is measured, manufactured and professionally installed for the perfect fit to ensure maximum protection.

How to use a Self Service Kiosk
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How to use a Self Service Kiosk
How to use a Self Service Kiosk from choosing the items to paying it is so simple
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