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Let's take you coffee shop to the next level

Talk to us about amazing epos systems and display products

Coffee shop ePOS system

  • 15″  all in one 15″ customer advertising screen
  • Customer Display
  • 128 GB SSD + 4 GB Ram
  • Free menu programming 
  • 80mm Thermal printer
  • Standard UK cash drawer 
  • Bar code reader or Caller ID device (OPTIONAL)
  • Kitchen display or printer (OPTIONAL)
  •  shop  system Complete NEW Hardware .

ePos Software for coffee shops

WebCam for Till Guard and picture tickets

Complete ePOS systems for Coffee shops

ePos hardware for coffee shops

Membership cards for ePOS

Thermal for customer & shop copies

Sample Graphics for Twin Screen Systems

Make more sales from the same customers by promoting at the point of sale.

Sample Graphics for Twin Screen Systems

Promote services at the right time for maximum impact.

Sample Graphics for Twin Screen Systems

Boost revenue by advertising at the Point of Sale with special offers deals and services.

A wonderful package for the smaller and larger business owner. 

This modern look 15″ touch screen  with 15″ front display panel to advertise to customers will take your small  – Restaurant –  – And many more business types. to the next level…. 

       Customizable screen levels

  • Kitchen printing
  • Staff security & control
  • Table tracking system
  • No sale feature
  • Automatic / On demand receipts
  • Automatic price changes for happy hour
  • Multi-buy discounts
  • X Report & Z Report, Daily Report, Product Reports and much more
  • Training Clerk
  • Split bills
  • View Orders
  • Refund and void features
  • Partial payments
  • Transfer Table & Split Table
  • Telephone ordering- (Caller Id box required for extra cost)
  • Driver management
  • Count down Clock
  • Post code look up (Optional)
  • Remote support (optional)
  • Credit card integration (optional)
  • Tablet Ordering (Optional) internet required
  • Online Order management  (optional)
  • Kitchen display (Optional)
Training / remote training
Website ordering (Optional)

Hardware spec for PC 
LCD 15″ TFT LCD  15″ LED 
Resolution 1024*768 
Customer Display 15″ 
I/O Ports External 
HDMI Port 1 x HDMI Port 
VGA Port 1 x VGA Port 
Serial Port 1 x COM Port 
Printer Port 1 x Parallel Port 
USB Port 6 x USB (6Rear) 
Keyboard 1 x PS/2 
LAN Port 1 x RJ45 Giga LAN 
Audio Port 

Web Cam (Optional)

Caller id unit (Optonal)

Membership cards (Optional)

menu set up free if simple small charge if complicated

SSD 128G

1 x Line Out 

☕  Touch Screen Epos System☕

ePOS for coffee shop

Single Screen PC's

A choice of Black or White single screen ePOS PC

Using 15″ Touchscreen pc 
NEW Cash Drawer 4 note 8 Coin
NEW 80mm thermal printer
NEW mouse + Keyboard (PC only)
Menu set up
Windows 10

Twin Screen PC's

15″ Screen + 15″ Screen (Advertising)
FREE 6x graphics
Marketing Plan (Optional)
Full software package set up for your business….
Using 15″ Touchscreen pc + 15″ Display front screen
NEW Cash Drawer 4 note 8 Coin
NEW 80mm thermal printer
NEW mouse + Keyboard (PC only)
Windows 10

Mobile POS

10.5″ with counter docking station and hand strap to carry to table
NEW Cash Drawer 4 note 8 Coin
NEW 80mm thermal printer
NEW mouse + Keyboard 
Windows 10 licenced

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